Dessert Menu at The Dead Fish

PDF format of Dessert Menu


Super Sundae 9.99

old time vanilla & chocolate ice cream, walnuts, Ghirardelli dark chocolate sauce & whipped cream

Tiramisu 9.99

two layers of espresso drenched sponge cake divided by mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa powder

Chocolate Mousse Bomb 9.99

decadent chocolate mousse, dusted with cocoa powder

Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake 9.99

light buttery vanilla flaked with salted caramel and a creamy custard layer

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake 9.99

a blend of creamy custard, vanilla beans and dense cheesecake

Auntie Em's Lemon Tart 9.99

pastry cream with a hint of lemon on a base of short pastry, covered with pine nuts, almonds & powdered sugar
"there's no place like home"


Taylor Fladgate Ruby Port 9.99

Fonseca 9.99


Jameson Irish 12.99

Bulleit Rye 12.99

Basil Hayden 15.99

Maker's Mark 12.99

Crown Royal 13.99

Bulleit Bourbon 12.99

Knob Creek 12.99

Woodford Reserve 12.99

Jack Daniels 12.99

Jefferson Ocean 12.99


Dewars 12.99

Johnny Walker Black 12.99

Oban Single Malt 12.99

Bowmore 12.96

Glenlivet 12 yr 12.99


Casamigos Reposado 12.99

Casadoraes Reposado 12.99

Don Julio Reposado 12.99

Patron Silver 12.99

Heradura 12.99

Chinaco Anjeo 12.99


Amaretto Disaronno 9.99

Chambord 9.99

Kahlua 9.99

Baileys Irish Cream 9.99

Aperol 9.99

Campari 9.99

Grand Marnier 9.99


Hennessy V.S.O.P. 12.99

Korbel 12.99